10 Reasons Why Telegram Messaging App Is Better Than WhatsApp


The telegram messaging application from developers of popular social networking service VK gaining trust and counting more number of downloads nowadays. Here 10 reasons why telegram messaging app is better than whatsApp.


10 Reasons Why Telegram Messaging App Is Better Than Whatsapp

  1. Unlike whatsApp telegram messaging application completely available for free. WhatsApp demands $0.99 of subscription after one year, also telegram won’t add any kind of irritating ads.
  2. Telegram makes instant sharing of messages between users, It is the fastest messaging application till date.
  3. Telegram using end to end encryption for maximum level of security, such messages can’t be forward by anyone.
  4. Group chat up to 100 persons where WhatsApp provides up to 50, can set separate ringtones for each friend.
  5. You can send data up to size of 1Gb, highly reliable by demanding only bytes of data for chatting.
  6. Telegram will provide virtual number to replace your original phone number for chatting through purchases.
  7. Instant customer support for clarifying all sort of doubts and Telegram is more lightweight and faster than Whatsapp.
  8. You can set a particular self destructing time for your messages, there after those messages get delete from receiver’s inbox.
  9. You can only access the secret telegram messages from device of origin, because the service won’t store messages within cloud.
  10. Telegram is complete open source one, provide API for developers, let them to make client for other platforms.

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