Android solution: Check your connection and try again

If you are suddenly facing this issue with your Android play store. It’s because play store is unable to connect to google servers.

Solution for Pakistani Android users: If you are in Pakistan you may often face this issue because google youtube is banned in Pakistan due to disrespect by Google for Islam religion.

Screenshot_2014-10-18-12-10-20When Google starts to route Google play traffic through youtube servers your play store, game play, google inbox, chrome browsing, Google logins and few other google services will stop working with connection error or no error or not provisioned for data services.

Solution is to use some VPN to unblock Google servers, such as “Speed VPN”. Or wait few hours for google to stop routing their services through banned Youtube server. Disable compression in Chrome to make it work because Chrome browser compression feature also uses Google server. You can use some alternative Android apps market to download applications if Playstore isn’t working.


Post Author: Aaqil

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    Habib Manjotha

    (23rd Oct 2014 - 01:19 pm PKT)

    Good, it is really very helpful for android users.


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      yes and thanks for the comments ☺


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