Pakistan Taliban reject reports of participation in Syria

Pakistan Taliban have rejected reports of sending fighters to Syria. Taliban said that media and international propaganda is always spreading false news. We will not work with US against Syria or any country. Taliban said some people have gone independently to Syria and others are fake US created Taliban. We hold no responsibility for their […]

HAARP superior to atom bomb and US investors threat to Pakistan

secret weather control weapon

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. A secret project where human can control weather.

HAARP have been kept secret but by the time secrets are coming out. This weapons have been in testing and used by some countries against others to send earthquakes/heavy rain storms/wind storms/lightning storms/tsunami/volcano etc.

In 1915 American scientist Nikola Tesla presented theory to control weather and use it as weapon. Pentagon started researching about it to make weather control weapon, a weapon superior to nuclear weapons.

America kept refusing about this project but several secrets were revealed by the time that America is working interestingly on HAARP project and wants to make a powerful weather controlling weapon for US military till 2020.
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KPK government to build first oil refinery for the province

Prevaiz Khattak PTI

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak have announced plane to build first oil refinery of the province.

Oil refinery to be built jointly by the provincial government and PSO (Pakistan State Oil).

KPK province have the capacity of producing forty thousand barrels of oil per day.
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Pak telecom operators to stop discounted offers during Eid days

no calls

Pakistani telecom providers are deciding to stop offering bundle offers on Eid days.

Pakistani telecom providers say that on special days calling and SMS bundles increase network traffic causing network outage and filling the network traffic handling capacity.

Networks could stop hourly, night, day and other calls and SMS bundles 8th of August to 12 August. (these are EidulFitr days)
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Ramadan and Pakistani Telecom Offers

ramadanListing different offers given by Pakistan cellular networks to their customers. (Checked through details given on their websites).


  • No special offers, just advertising old Ramadan services such as Sehr, Iftar and Namaz timings alerts. While busy with some Ramadan prize schemes to empty pockets of their customers.


  • No Ramadan offers, not even a single Ramadan message on their website.


  • 200 talk minutes for calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone customers from your Ufone in 6Rs+tax from Sehar to Iftar (3am to 7pm). Offer is for tension free basic Ufone prepaid package customers. Offer will continue till 25th of Ramadan. Activation string *6161#

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Pakistan Testing New Website Filtering System

Pakistan is testing new type of web filtering system. Checked on PTCL. Still trying to confirm whether it is only with PTCL or with all Pakistani ISPs. New system is very effective, blocks VPN applications too. It is apparently only on PTCL internet services for now, Pakistan’s largest telecom and internet service provider. Should Pakistan […]

Pakistan shows its big heart: Allows emergency landing of plane after Indian suffers heartattack

Pakistan facilitated the emergency landing of an Turkish international airline in Karachi after an Indian passenger on board suffered a heart-attack and needed emergency medical care. Acting swiftly, the airport authorities rushed the Indian passenger to Agha Khan hospital in the country’s largest port city. Incident came just after a day when India caught some […]

Skype Voicemail Service Becoming Free


Seems like Microsoft will make Skype voicemail service available for free for all users. I just noticed Skype is activating voicemail service for free with latest Skype version. Working fine. Tested activation and recordings on different Skype accounts.

Before Skype voicemail service was offered to only paid Skype users.

Skype recently launched video messaging which records short video messages which can be sent to offline or online buddies.

Voicemail (new name of this feature in Skype is Voice messaging) service records messages when someone tries to call you when you are offline.

Currently I can see Skype voicemail activation option only in Skype desktop version (update to latest Skype desktop version, otherwise you will see Skype voice messages service as paid service in options).
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