Skype Voicemail Service Becoming Free


Seems like Microsoft will make Skype voicemail service available for free for all users. I just noticed Skype is activating voicemail service for free with latest Skype version. Working fine. Tested activation and recordings on different Skype accounts.

Before Skype voicemail service was offered to only paid Skype users.

Skype recently launched video messaging which records short video messages which can be sent to offline or online buddies.

Voicemail (new name of this feature in Skype is Voice messaging) service records messages when someone tries to call you when you are offline.

Currently I can see Skype voicemail activation option only in Skype desktop version (update to latest Skype desktop version, otherwise you will see Skype voice messages service as paid service in options).
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Netvibes vs Feedly Cloud vs Digg Reader vs AOL Reader

Google announced that they will shut down RSS Reader service google reader in July. Since then several companies started making similar services, Feedly who was already offering reader service launched their desktop version. Digg and AOL launched new readers. Netvibes was already there.

These readers help you get updates and news from your favourite sites at one place, like some Email inbox.

Lets compare these new readers by my point of view.

AOL Reader:AOL Reader

AOL reader is my new favourite RSS reader. They have lightweight web version with some animations with features such as sidebar, sharing to social networks, quickly showing RSS story in a blink on click. When you are reading some story it have Next story or Previous story buttons makes reading more comfortable. They do offer smartphones mobile web version of the reader but don’t have any mobile application yet. Different views for the stories, list view, card view, full view, pane view. AOL reader web comes with a left sidebar which includes our RSS subscriptions.
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Twitter Analytics Now Available for Everyone

Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics previously available to only Twitter advertisers are now available for everyone.

With Twitter analytics you can view the performance of your Twitter accounts with details such as how many retweets, favourites or mentions you are getting.

These analytics also allow you check the details about followers such as their geographic location.
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