Google Inbox: Email for the busy life

Google launched Google Inbox, a revolutionary service for the emailing.

Google Inbox is not the new email service but it is a new Inbox, for Gmail users. Google Inbox prioritizes what is important for you. It have following features which will make email using fun for both business and personal email users.


Snoozing, Pinning:

With Email Snooze and Pin features you can mark important things for later. Inbox can be set to remind you later about some particular task or email if you are too busy today. Pinned items can be seen at top all other things, and you can switch between views; all items or pinned only items.


Like Gmail, Google Inbox also got labels such as Promos, Forums, Social, Updates so that your inbox is clean to show you only things which are important. Each label have notification settings or you can set reminders that which Label should remind you about unread emails, once a day or once a week.

Email composing:

Gmail’s popup composer is available, with recent emailed contacts. At the bottom of every email quick reply box is also available making it fast and simple to reply to the emails.


Google Inbox is available at mobile site, web, iPhone and Android applications.


Currently Google Inbox is invite only. Ask your friends to invite you or send an empty email to [email protected] from your Gmail to add yourself in waiting list.



Google is not going to kill Gmail services or Gmail apps. Google Inbox is different thing but it will become the future of Gmail because of its features and ease of use.

Post Author: Aaqil

2 thoughts on “Google Inbox: Email for the busy life


    (8th Oct 2015 - 08:16 pm PKT)

    Google is evil. Better off with Yandex. Yandex isn’t pure white but at least it not subservient to the highly invasive US spying programme. Nor does it cater to NWO (Google exec has been known to attend Bildeberg meeting).

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