Build Your Phone: Google Project Ara Coming in 2015 at Cheap


Google Project Ara devices will be released in the first part of 2015 in the cheap price around 50 usd (5000 Pakistani Rupees).

Google Project Ara, an idea Google took from phonebloks where engineers presented idea of phones with detachable components. They said users should be allowed to make their own phones by adding parts according to their pocket and choice. Base of the phone hardware should be built then users should be allowed to add RAM, Processor, Cameras, Memory of their choice.

Google, HTC and others are working on the idea of phonebloks.

Google recently announced that they will be releasing their first modular phones next year, codenamed “grayphone”. Price will be around 50usd, which will include wi-fi and screen parts. Users will be able to buy and add other parts.

Project Ara-900-80

Google will release their modular devices in three sizes mini, medium and jumbo (perhaps for tablets).

Google will be holding a conference coming April with developers which will show more details about this device.

google-project-ara6 google-project-ara4 google-project-ara3 google-project-ara1

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