Google to Launch High-speed Affordable Internet in Sri Lanka

Google’s Project Loon; A Balloon based Internet project, to bring affordable high-speed Internet to every inch of Sri Lanka.

Google Engineers filling air in an Internet balloon

Bringing Internet to remote regions by sending Internet-enabled balloons into the stratosphere sure sounds like a wild idea, but it’s about to become a reality for the resident of Sri Lanka. The government of the island nation has just announced a partnership with Google that will bring affordable high-speed Internet access to every inch of the country using the company’s Project Loon balloons.

However privacy and spying concerns loom due to Google’s previous involvement in spying through a collection of people’s data using projects such as Google Street View cars¬†fears Sri Lankans.

Still, many are excited for the availability of an affordable high-speed Internet with coverage everywhere.

Google plans to start Balloon Internet project in other countries too.

Facebook is also testing similar Internet project with drones.

Facebook’s Internet drone model at a display

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