Internet Giants Struggling to Keep Internet Services Running by Reducing Qualities

Since the Coronovirus pandemic people are trying to isolate themselves at their homes. This is causing more TV views, increased internet and telephone usages.

Netflix Youtube

Internet streaming giants such as Netflix and Youtube have announced to reduce streaming video qualitites to keep their services running for everyone, and to help reduce bandwidth burden for ISPs.

The decision comes after European leaders asked the internet streaming giants to lower their videos quality to make services available for everyone at homes.

Youtube will lower video streaming quality to standard for everyone by default

But users will be able to choose back high definition setting if they want. Some users even reported YouTube sending their video quality setting to 240p during night times.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have also asked the providers to give feedback on how to keep the services running during coronovirus lockdown.

Ufone/PTCL have already shutdown their customer care offices while others are informing their customers to get prepared for the delay in customer support team actions.

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