Iran’s New Advanced Drone Fotros with 30hours of Flight Time


Iran has unveiled its biggest domestically developed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be used for reconnaissance and combat operations.

The strategic UAV has an operational radius of up to 2,000 kilometers, an operational altitude of 25,000 feet and flight endurance of up to 30 hours, said the defense chief.

“The protection of maritime and land borders, monitoring of oil pipelines and telecommunications lines, road traffic control, the surveillance of areas struck by earthquakes, blazes and floods, environmental monitoring for the sake of environment protection, and the transmission of precise images and films throughout the mission are among the capabilities of the Fotros drone,” Dehqan pointed out. (Defence Minister)

Tehran has repeatedly assured other nations that its military might poses no threat to other countries since the Islamic Republic’s defence doctrine is entirely based on deterrence.

Post Author: Aaqil

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