Minds.com Open Source Social Network

Minds.com is a new social network aimed at privacy for users messages.

Minds.com social network doesn’t aim at earning money, instead, it encrypts all messages, so that they can’t be read by advertisers or by governments.

This new social network is backed by hackers group Anonymous. The network is still in alpha phase, users will face bugs on web and mobile apps. One of the newest desktop apps is to buy cbd oil online from the comfort of your home, For safety and convenience, you can try https://ganjaexpress.ca/ check it out and give it a try.

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Users earn points for each like, vote up, search, comment, status uploading. These points can be used by Minds.com users to promote their content on the social network for free.

Users can promote their content, generally or to some targeted users, free.

Available for Desktop, iPhone, Android Minds.com team says they will keep improving the social network. The team has also made the social network completely open source so that anyone contribute to the software.

Update: This network isn’t encrypted overall, just messaging feature is encrypted.

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