Now JazzCash Mobile Accounts for Everyone


JazzCash (formely known as Mobicash, branchless mobile banking services from Mobilink)) to offer mobile accounts to the users of all Pakistani cellular networks.

Mobile account opening and cash handling through easier banking service will accelerate banking use in Pakistan.

All other Pakistani cellular networks are also providing branchless mobile banking services, but they are limited to their own subscribers only, for accounts.

However, Mobilink have taken step to offer their mobile banking accounts to the subscribers of other networks, beside Mobilink subscribers.


This branchless mobile banking service allows sending/receiving of money, transfer to bank accounts, bills payment, shopping and other services such as insurance. Handling of money is done easily through Mobicash retailers.

More details about Mobicash new account offerings will be announced later.

Will Mobilink make other networks to consider branchless banking accounts for the users of all networks? ( such as Easypaisa, Timepey, Mobile Paisa, UPaisa. )

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