Telegram App vs Whatsapp App

I prefer Telegram chat instead of Whatsapp. Many don’t know about Telegram application which is more cool and better than Whatsapp. Below are the reasons I consider for why Telegram is better than Whatsapp.

whatsapp Whatsapp
telegram Telegram
Not free Free, will always be
Not available on computers Available on computers and browsers
No privacy about number sharing Username option
No secret chat option Secret chat option with screenshot notification, chat timer, chat encryption, and much more
No control over gallery savings, automatically fills your phone storage and increases privacy risks Users can switch ON or OFF gallery saving
No third party clients Various third party clients available for mobile devices, browsers and computers
Basic hard to learn and control user interface Modern beautiful but simple to use user interface
Only audio, video, pictures sharing Share files of any type
File size limit just 16 MB 1.5 GB
Video compression support for fast video sharing and data saving: No Video compression support for fast video sharing and data saving: Yes
Group members limit: 50 Group members limit: 200
 User feedback and support over chat: No User feedback and support over chat: Yes
 No voice and video calling Voice and video calling have been planned 

Despite above mentioned features of Telegram, why still on Whatsapp?

Telegram is a very good chat service for friends, family and office chats, pictures, videos, files sharing.

Ask friends to join Telegram.

My telegram username: aaqil


Post Author: Aaqil

1 thought on “Telegram App vs Whatsapp App


    (8th Dec 2014 - 11:46 pm PKT)

    I like Telegram. WhatsApp gives me a year for free use. Why I must pay for whatsapp?

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