Telenor: Begs customers for funds but network quality is shame


Telenor (Norwegian group) started cellular network in Pakistan in 2005. But just after few months of launch this network showed that its mind is to obtain from customers while keeping the profit aside.

Telenor started planning things like to stop free balance checking, free call center services and many more. But alone this network didn’t want to anger its customers.

However this network got the chance to implement those evil policies in Pakistan when PTA chose Telenor as head of other companies (Masher-e-Khaas). This network then started implementing policies which were in its favour along other networks but not in the favour of Pakistani customers.

Telenor planned policies include charges on balance checking, charges on miss calls, charges on service centre visit, charges on call centre contacting, charges on speaking to customer care officer on call centre, charges on call receiving while roaming in other cities, charges on delivery reports and many others.

Not only these but telenor is also forcing its customers to pay extra charges when adding credit to mobile accounts.

All above extra charging to the customers were implemented for the promise of network quality improvements. Network quality have worsen and customers can’t opt out from paying those extra charges and PTA is silent.

Below we will see how Telenor is improving network quality after force taking extra charges from the customers.

Telenor network situation is as below, till today:

Before Telenor services, system and network outages were limited to hours every second day but now it is as below:

  • Telenor smart tunes web portal is offline since last more than 8 months
  • Telenor web self service is offline since last few months
  • Telenor weblounge service have been removed
  • Telenor other web services and easypaisa tracking like services are offline
  • Telenor voice mail service activations are disallowed since last few years
  • Telenor towers are giving good services only in big cities and popular places/roads
  • Telenor towers in villages go offline during load shedding, no signals to mobiles
  • Telenor towers giving slow GPRS service in small cities and villages, while the network says that they are giving superfast EDGE internet services everywhere in Pakistan
  • Telenor several activation strings are not updated. Customers use those codes/strings they are charged. In return they get messages such as “invalid code/string”. For example Telenor smart tunes activation codes at Telenor websites.
  • Telenor call centers give busy tones and connecting to customer care officer still takes more than 6 minutes, up to 25 minutes at late night
  • Telenor network remains busy during daytime. Customers of other networks see network busy error message while calling to Telenor customers
  • Telenor SMS services are not reliable, you don’t always get Twitter/Gmail or other messages from internet services despite having low subscriptions/alerts
  • Telenor have stopped offering cell info display services
  • Nomore voicemail service by Telenor
  • If you are using telenor caller tones services then chances that you will be part of “busy network” more than other telenor customers who are without caller tones service
  • SMS downloading is so slow in Telenor, takes some moments to download. If you open message quickly it will be always *some text missing*. You have to wait few seconds.
  • Telenor easyload SMS is received next day from the day of recharge
  • To check remaining free minutes and SMS customers have to dial strings multiple times because of busy network
  • To make a call customer have to dial 4 to 12 times during daytime because of busy network
  • Telenor call center disconnects suddenly during talk with customer care officer (yet we pay extra charges twice for the call centre)

After taking a lot of money from the customers and earning huge profit by its business, why this network shouldn’t improve network quality instead of stopping existing services?

Should customers bear the maintenance charges of this company by paying extra? Like company is providing services to the customers free of cost and without profit?

Electricity Load Shedding is a lame excuse. Networks in poor African states manage alternative energy sources from the profit which they earn not by begging customers to pay for different extra network maintenance fees.

Telenor is taking huge profit from Pakistan then playing investment games in India while customers in Pakistan are suffering due to low quality telecom services.

Post Author: Aaqil

5 thoughts on “Telenor: Begs customers for funds but network quality is shame

    Asad Sheikh

    (25th Aug 2013 - 09:33 pm PKT)

    Top quality network is Warid

      ali javaid

      (25th Aug 2013 - 09:35 pm PKT)

      I am with ufone and I feel satisfied with the quality of this network


    (28th Aug 2013 - 05:37 pm PKT)

    From September 1, Telenor has announced to increase post paid packages rates. Telenor Pakistan has made it a habit to keep increasing its price plans every now and then without making any improvment in network quality. Shame on Telenor.

    Side Note: Enable right click so that a commenter can spell check and fix the spelling errors.


      (2nd Sep 2013 - 12:08 am PKT)


      and about right click, I shall think about it.

    Habib Ullah Manjotha (urhabib)

    (23rd Sep 2013 - 02:36 pm PKT)

    A agree with you.

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