Yandex Mail: Best Alternative to Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail

Yandex.Mail will not only keep you away from US spy agencies but it also have many cool features which would make you love your inbox even more.

Yandex is most popular search engine in Russia. They recently started approaching users outside Russia by translating Yandex services into English and other languages. Yandex.Mail is one of their services which is now available for international users as well.

My system specifications are 3.0ghz processor, 2GB RAM and Outlook/Gmail were always making my browser slow. But Yandex.Mail is fast, simple and lightweight for systems.

I shall talk about features which are different from other email providers, will not talk about basic email features and features which gmail/outlook are also providing. For example Yandex.Mail also provides unlimited storage, XMPP/Jabber chat support, IMAP/POP3 support etc.

  • Yandex.Mail have email pictures support to and from other email providers. No you don’t upload pictures with all your email contacts one by one like in Gmail. But Yandex Automatically fetches images of senders of other email servers. Users of other email services will also see your Yandex.Mail profile picture in their email
  • Yandex.Mail’s fast loading lightweight interface saves a lot of time. Yandex.Mail takes less than 15 seconds to fully load while outlook and gmail take more than 40 seconds to load web completely. Reading and responding to emails is fun. In Gmail I used to spend about 15 minutes everyday to read and reply emails from friends. But in Yandex it takes my less than 5 minutes everyday.
  • Yandex.Mail have email delivery notifications feature which notifies you when your email reaches recipients server.
  • When writing new email you can select to receive link to your email’s copy as SMS for free.
  • Yandex.Mail gives email scheduling option. Very useful to schedule Eid Mubarak emails in advance before you get busy with shopping and guests.
  • When you are reading long emails, Yandex.Mail’s top floating bar gives you quick options such as go to Top, Reply, Delete buttons which make email use fast and comfortable, unlike gmail where you have to all scroll up or bottom to click
  • Another feature I liked in Yandex.Mail is that if user wants he can ask Yandex to show social media profiles of the sender. Helps get connected to friends and grow social media
  • Yandex.Mail’s one click sending email templates can sometimes save a lot of time while replying to emails and very useful for
  • Yandex.Mail have option to set reminder to send another email if your friend haven’t replied to your first
  • Send cool emails at cool times to your friends without any efforts using Yandex E cards within Email Compose screen. Add card (from many), add text and send. Recipient won’t be bothered to click any special link to view your
  • Tired of typing with keyboard? You can send voice and video messages using your Microphone and Webcam with Yandex.Mail.
  • Yandex.Mail have better sender’s email digital verification than gmail and outlook. Not only big companies but Yandex check individuals also for their email sending methods. If suspicious emails are detected, Yandex will warn you. Trusted senders are shown with a tiny green
  • Yandex.Mail have built in RSS reader where you can add your favorite sites to get updates from them. Yandex’s RSS reader feature goes along all Yandex mobile apps. Your reader stays with your email everywhere.
  • Yandex.Mail supports jabber chat. You can use Yandex.Mail mobile apps or use any jabber client on computer or mobile to chat with google talk, nimbuzz and other xmpp/jabber friends using your Yandex ID.
  • Yandex.Mail have better inbox sorting. Sort emails by weeks, months, end of month, start of month, by year.
  • Yandex.Mail keeps all sent and received email attachments gathered at one place. You can search for any file or view them all as lists. They can also be sorted by weeks, months and year.
  • Yandex.Disk gives 10GB storage and provides features like google drive. But better than google drive and widely available on almost all mobile devices and computers. Works with Linux OS without downloading Yandex.Disk application.
  • Detailed logs: Yandex.Mails have taken steps for security. They not only give details of ip logs but also other email logs such as email fetching etc. Logs are saved for months.


  • Different themes and Yandex.Mail have three different views.


Try Yandex.Mail, it’s still new and Yandex team listens/responds to user feedbacks. Several good IDs are still available for registration and it is easy to switch from other email provider to Yandex. You can import all your gmail/outlook/yahoo and other new and old emails to Yandex inbox.


Post Author: Aaqil

9 thoughts on “Yandex Mail: Best Alternative to Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail


    (4th Mar 2014 - 08:20 am PKT)

    email from a foreign country … Russia? How can you be certain this company abides by international privacy laws? Thanks

      Hrothgar (@HrothgarH)

      (13th Jun 2014 - 09:41 am PKT)

      Hans where do you live , this was the funniest comment I read today, unless you’re trolling.

      “international privacy laws?” which one , the one that nobody adheres to? Records and stores everything you say and write in a giant US data center?

      If anything, safest bet (after Iceland’s Advania) is Yandex of Russia, that strictly hosts your secure email on Russian territory-the only country Snowden felt safe escaping to.

      Wow its like you just crawled out under the rock.

    ram iyer

    (25th May 2014 - 04:14 pm PKT)

    Yandex is better than US based mail systems


    (25th Sep 2015 - 02:54 pm PKT)

    Yandex mail is by far the worst that I have tried so far.
    It seems to me that they take the worst ideas of Gmail and implement them. Unfortunately everything good about Gmail that they could have learned from has been left out.

    And no you will not get your emails out of yandex any easy way, especially from “Sent folder”

    Keep that in mind.


    (8th Oct 2015 - 07:51 pm PKT)

    I just started using Yandex. And I’m loving it, especially concerning privacy. Planning to use Yandex as my default email for my association with all other websites (Paypal, Photobucket, etc). My only regret is I wish I had switch to Yandex earlier.


      (19th Oct 2015 - 02:09 pm PKT)

      It has different appearance settings. I like bottom panel view setting.


        (3rd Mar 2016 - 05:14 pm PKT)

        Been a few months, at first it was quite unusual to me to have the browser panel view at the bottom, but now I’m used to it. So far so good. I as far as I can remember I receive very few (if not none at all) scam emails through Yandex than my Yahoo email. You know, those “you received 1 million USD or I wanna donate 100k USD to you now give me your bank account number bla3” fraudsters..smh

        Next, hoping Yandex will roll out a subscription based photo hosting service like that of Photobucket in the future. Yes, they have Yandex Fotki but it’s only available to the Russian. Too bad.


    (9th Sep 2016 - 11:14 pm PKT)

    How to change profilepic and mobilenumber


    (6th Mar 2018 - 05:38 am PKT)

    Your Messages I like this sit so much

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